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Message to PhDs and PostDocs: Startup creation course at

PhD_Course_Uni_luBeing enrolled or having completed a Ph.D. program may not necessarily imply that you should follow a career in academic research. Many modern and prestigious academic institutions consider entrepreneurship as a continuation of research programs. It is quite often that Ph.D. students become leaders and founders of startups.

I am delighted to run a course on startup creation as part of University of Luxembourg’s transferable skills trainings for PhDs and Postdocs.

Note: Limited seats available check subscription details in the course guide (see below).

The aim of the course is to help people with research background (currently in Ph.D. programs, former Ph.Ds, current research staff with Ph.D., faculty members, etc.) to explore entrepreneurship. The course is about learning how to evaluate if an idea can be transformed to an opportunity for business.

In the proposed course you will be validating ideas using a structured hypothesis-testing approach by relying on skills acquired in the course of their Ph.D. (analysis and synthesis capabilities, structured methodology, prioritization, evaluation of ideas using formalized models).

You will work in small groups to grasp the various components of a business opportunity and will be able to apply a critical assessment of the business idea by following a rigorous approach based on facts and data.

You will learn how to deconstruct an idea from various perspectives, identify the right questions to ask related to science, innovation, novelty, usability, benefits, etc.

The course will run on 13th and 27th March 2015.

The full course guide can be downloaded here, check for the course named What if you create a (your) startup? on page 26.